Personal Essay Example

Throughout my life, I have encountered many devastating losses and exceptional triumph that have taught me valuable lessons that have influenced my judgment on the world and the way I communicate with people. 

On the first day of 7th grade, I remembered that Mr. Wilbon, my History teacher, wrote on the whiteboard something along the lines of," This year is going to be fun! Notice how I didn't day it was going to be easy!" Reading that statement discouraged me and concerned about not being able to get a 4.0 GPA. Throughout the beginning of the semester, I analyzed Mr. Wilbon's teaching method.

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The Cost of Ambition

As humans, our overall goal is to feel a sense of achievement. For some, this feeling can range anywhere from wealth, fame, popularity, to overall success in general. Ambition is typically thought of to be a positive attribute to an individual and is mostly associated with determination, which is highly desirable in the world today. However, what is often left forgotten is the actions that were taken in order to get to what was sought out for. So we must ask ourselves, what is the true cost of ambition?

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World’s expanding perspectives essay

reservation of one’s culture doesn’t define how they view everything in life. There’s a limit to where culture doesn’t influence your perspective ,instead it’s your morals and thoughts.

One’s culture can inform the way they view others and the world to the extent of education, travel, and independence developed from childhood to adulthood. 

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Edubirdie Review

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